Knot Beta 2.04

A handy virtual sticky note tool


  • Highly configurable notes
  • You can define a default format
  • Notes can be exported to TXT or sent over LAN


  • No support for web and email links
  • No alarm feature

Very good

Digital sticky notes are probably one of the handiest inventions in software. They're environmental-friendly and they save you the inevitable note clutter on your desk.

Knot is a good example of a fully featured virtual sticky note app. It enables you to create as many notes as you need and have them on your desktop to remind you of important dates, tasks and events. Notes can have different background and text colors, font types and sizes, and you can create a standard configuration for your notes or let Knot change color randomly for each note. Simply write anything you need and double click on the note's title bar to minimize it.

The program features a complete manager that allows you to configure its behavior, as well as handling notes in batches. You can even export notes to a TXT file or send them over the network to another PC.

Although Knot seems quite a highly functional tool, it also lacks some options that we can find in other similar programs. For instance, Knot doesn't mark URLs or email addresses as clickable web links, nor does it offer support for alarms. Hopefully the developer will take note of this and improve Knot in future versions.

Knot is a fully featured sticky note application that enables you to remember important events without cluttering up your desktop.

KNot (pronounced "knot") is the new installment of our popular floating-note application, which was removed two years ago from our site due to legal implications with its name. KNot has been designed and written from scratch and uses our latest technologies in terms of graphics and file handling.

The first version of KNot ("Akatanomasto") released in 1999, was one of the first applications ever to use a TCP/IP network to send instant messages to other computers. Long before the messaging clients of today. That version used TCP sockets and a very basic bespoke protocol for its networking. The current release of KNot uses a much broadly used internet protocol, SMTP, the same protocol that email servers and clients use. While the underlying protocol has changed, the user interface is still the same; simplistic and easy to use. Just enter the name of the computer you want to send the message to and make sure that the other machine is running KNot and is listening for messages.

See what the program features:

  • Multiple colorful notes floating on your desktop
  • Minimized to a 17x17 pixel square
  • Send your notes to other computers in your local network
  • Full color spectrum support, drop shadow and imitate wallpaper colour
  • Snap to grid, screen borders or other notes! Full Multi-Monitor support
  • Store your valuable notes in simple to use and backup text files - no proprietory format
  • Undelete notes
  • Protect your notes by making them Read-Only
  • Notes can stay on top of other windows
  • Export notes to text files anywhere on the disk
  • Drag & drop support replace
  • New Color-Picker dialog



Knot Beta 2.04

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